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Shanghai, the thriving mega city is surrounded by some of the best scenery and magnificent examples of Ancient Chinese culture. A few hours will get us to the spectacular Yellow Mountains and the elegant and stunning classical beauty of Suzhou and Hangzhou. This tour has it all.


  • Yuyuan Garden
  • The Bund
  • Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
  • Shanghai World Financial Center
  • Tongli
  • Tongli Cruise
  • Humble Administrators Garden
  • The Grand Canal(Cruising by Motor Boat)
  • Rickshaw ride
  • The No.1 Silk Factory
  • The Yellow Mountains
  • Yungu Cable Car
  • Yungu Cable Car
  • Hongcun Village
  • Xidi Village
  • Lingyin Temple
  • The West Lake (including the Island on the lake)


Day 1Shanghai Arrival

You will be welcomed in Shanghai by your guide and be taken to your hotel from point of arrival. Before leaving you for the rest of the day, he or she will arrange you with a cell phone package complimentary for your tour. It will include a simple phone, minimum of 30 minutes, limited WiFi service, and national SIM card. It will be yours to use during the duration of your tour, to be recharged with minutes and credit as you wish. Be sure to return these materials to your guide at the end of your trip.

  • Meals: No Meals
  • Hotels: Les Suites Orient Bund Shanghai   |  SSAW Boutique Hotel The Bund   |  Kingtown Hotel Plaza Shanghai 
Day 2Shanghai

Why not start simple? The once private destination known as Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai is very famous and a fine introduction to classical Chinese gardens and architecture. The property was finished in the year 1559 in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. Today it is a rather large 2 hectares in total. Close by you can find a local market with snacks and more that make for a delightful stop.

Continue on to the Bund which is a wonderful walkway along the Huangpu River and an unmistakable site in Shanghai. It is a 1.5 kilometer pathway great for a walk and enjoying with loved ones. In addition to the trendy and modern restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops found here, the real treasures are the 52 European style buildings the line the way. The Bund is especially wonderful and enchanting in the evenings.

And then, you will ascend to the 263-meter-high view terrace of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, a landmark in the Pudong District of Shanghai. Through the transparent glass terrace, the Huangpu River and city view of Shanghai will be in your sight. If you are brave enough, you can walk around on terrace. It feels like walking on the sky when you watch down, but it is absolutely safe! Before the ascending, you will immerse yourself in the Shanghai history and art work exhibited in the Shanghai City and History Museum first. The museum is located at the basement of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Videos and wax statues are the major exhibitions in the museum. You tour guide will introduce the old Shanghai to you via these exhibitions.

The Former French Concession is one of the best-preserved concessions in China. It was a scar for the Chinese people, but now we are falling love with its romantic atmosphere. The plane-trees and old buildings in Western style make the Former French Concession young couples’ favorite place for dating.

The Xintiandi means new sky and land in Chinese. Although the buildings in the Xintiandi area are as old as the Former French Concession, you will see a much more dynamic Shanghai here. The youngsters celebrate every happy event on the street or in the bars in the area. You will feel much younger when seeing their carefree celebrations.

  • Meals: Lunch at Popular Local Restaurant
  • Hotels: Les Suites Orient Bund Shanghai   |  SSAW Boutique Hotel The Bund   |  Kingtown Hotel Plaza Shanghai 
Day 3Shanghai to Suzhou by Train No. G576 (Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station - Suzhou Bei (north) Railway Station) Dep 08:25 - Arr 08:48

In the morning, be transferred from Shanghai to Tongli water town. Tongli is a place with more than 1,000 years of history. One can consider Tongli as the "Venice of the East" due to its waterways in place of traditional roads. Its layout is also ideal for many of the gardens found here that date back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are a total of 15 rivers, 7 islands, and 49 historic bridges in Tongli. As such, your tour will naturally include a short cruise to see the town even better. Lunch will be at a local restaurant serving many kinds of local dishes.

Return to Suzhou afterwards. A night walk to explore the city's charm is highly appreciated.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch at Popular local restaurants
  • Hotels: Pan Pacific Suzhou   |  Hotel Soul Suzhou   |  Garden Hotel 
Day 4Suzhou to Hangzhou by Train No. G7585 (Suzhou Railway Station - Hangzhou Dong (east) Railway Station) Dep 16:39 - Arr 18:14

If there is one site in Suzhou that you cannot miss, it is the Humble Administrator's Garden. This is a top destination in China, in fact, due to its status as perhaps the most representative classical Chinese garden in the nation. The Humble Administrator's Garden dates back to the Ming Dynasty and spans 5 hectares. Each element within are perfectly situated with its neighbors to form perfect synchronization. The Garden Museum is well worth a few moments of your time too.

Then visit the Grand Canal which is the longest manmade waterway on earth and thus considered a true engineering marvel alongside the Great Wall. Your tour will be by short cruise where you can see smaller canals, various waterside farms of fish and rice, and traditional boats, fishermen, and commercial boats along the way. Once essential to Suzhou's economy and commerce, the Grand Canal can be called the Silk Road by water.

After a fine lunch, take a step into a local neighborhood. Traveling by rickshaw, you will get to see what it is like to live daily life in Suzhou in a traditional residential area. You will also visit a silk shop because Suzhou is very famous for its quality silk products. Learn more about the silk making process at the No.1 Silk Factory and buy some items from the showroom as you wish.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch at Popular local restaurants
  • Hotels: Sofitel Westlake Hangzhou   |  Xinqiao Hotel   |  Culture Plaza Hotel 
Day 5Hangzhou

The West Lake is even more famous than Hangzhou itself. Thousands of ancient stories, poems or operas were composed based on the West Lake. Chinese people often draw an analogy between the West Lake and a pretty girl. The West Lake is charming all a year round. The white snow, green trees and colorful flowers are all the cosmetics for the “pretty girl”.

Ancient Chinese believed towers could ease the tide of Qiantang River, which caused flood in Hangzhou every year, so they built the Liuhe Tower. However, tourists usually admire the tide on the tower now. Besides, the interior decoration of the tower reflects the ancient Buddhist culture of China.

The Lingyin Temple was initially built by an Indian monk. It is now one of the most well-known Buddhist temples in China. The 168-meter-high Feilaifeng Hill is located opposite the Lingyin Temple. 340 stone Buddha statues can be found on the hill. The hill and the temple are both good places to learn the Buddhist culture.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch at Popular local restaurant
  • Hotels: Sofitel Westlake Hangzhou   |  Xinqiao Hotel   |  Culture Plaza Hotel 
Day 6Hangzhou to Huangshan by Train No. G1509 (Hangzhou Dong (east) Railway Station - Huangshan Bei (north) Railway Station) Dep 09:49 - Arr 13:13

The Yellow Mountains area is a found in the Anhui Province far from any exceptionally large city. The total area is about 1,200 square kilometers and the range is revered as one of the most beautiful in all of China. No vehicle traffic is allowed within the main core area which makes the park a great place to get away from the ills of urban life. There are many walks and hikes to enjoy here so do take advantage! You will take a cable car to ascend to the main peak of the "Back Hill", where the essence of the Yellow Mountains is located. Don't miss the magnificent scenery along your 10-minute cable car journey. Upon your arrival, you will start to hike and sightsee from Beginning-to-Believe Peak, which is renowned for peculiar-shaped pine trees and rocks.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Hotels: Xihai Hotel (5-star) (in the mountains)   |  Shilin Hotel   |  Shilin Hotel 
Day 7Huangshan

Be an early bird to capture the moments of sunrise if the weather is nice. Descending from the hill, we will visit the idyllic Hongcun Village. It is more than 800 years old and set at the base of the Yellow Mountain, allowing the mountain climate to often shroud the village in wonderful fog along the various lakes in the area. Parts of the internationally acclaimed film "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" were captured in Hongcun Village. During your tour, be sure to observe the bridges and moats that complete the panoramas. Indeed, the village has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch at Buffet in a restaurant on the mountain
  • Hotels: Libre Resorts   |  Huangshan International Hotel(in the city)   |  Xinan Country Villa Hotel(in the city) 
Day 8Huangshan to Shanghai by Train No. G1517 (Huangshan Bei (north) Railway Station - Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station) Dep 08:14 - Arr 12:22

When you are ready, we will take you to the airport for your departure flight. Have a wonderful journey!

  • Meals: Breakfast

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