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Beijing Food Restaurants

As the heart and capital of China, Beijing’s cuisine is understandably reflects a complex mix of influences from various nationalities and tribes such as the Hans, the Mengs, the Mans, the Huis, and much more. It is inspired by Shandong cuisine and imperial court cuisine from the dynastic eras as well.

Today, Beijing gastronomy has a character and flavor of its own. It is known for its rich raw ingredients, diversified dishes, crisp textures, and mellow but satisfying flavors. The most famous dishes to try are Peking duck, shuanyangrou (instant-boiled mutton), boiled pork, sabuzhan (sweet custard made with egg yolk, sugar, and oil), sour and chili fish, stir-fried diced chicken with soy sauce, roast meat, crisp fried fish slices with distilled grains sauce, Wuliu fish (also known as 5 willow leaves fish), longxu mian (dragon beard noodles), doumiangao (bean-flour cake), xiaowotou (small steamed corn bread), rou mo shao bing (pancakes with meat filling), yundoujuan (kidney bean roll), ai wo wo (sticky rice with sweet fillings), and much, much more!

Below are some of our top recommended restaurants in Shanghai where you can get an authentic and local taste of Beijing gastronomy.

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

Founded in the Qing Dynasty, Quanjude has more than 100 years of experience in serving the favorites of the Beijing palate. Among countless other roast duck restaurants, this is often regarded as the most popular and premier. The art of roasting ducks evolved from techniques used to prepare sucking pigs. For more than a century, specialized chefs of Quanjude have developed the idea that the skin of the duck should be both soft and crisp so that it can melt in the mouth. In applying the traditional method of preparation, the chefs here pay particular attention to the quality of the duck, the auxiliary ingredients ad spices, and the type of wood burned in the oven. These are all details that add up to create the unique taste of roast duck served at Quanjude.

Their success is a reflection of their quality. Today in Shanghai there are 3 major locations of Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant: the Tianmu Road branch, the Huaihai Road branch, and the Pudong Avenue branch. Shanghai Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurants distinguish themselves from other nearby modern houses by their ancient Chinese architecture style. Besides dining on delicious roast duck and impeccable service, you can also appreciate the culture of Chinese cuisine and experience real Chinese imperial living.

Tianmu Road Branch

Huaihai Road Branch

Pudong Avenue Branch

Yanyunlou Restaurant

Yanyunlou Restaurant is a famous Beijing cuisine restaurant with a history of over 50 years. Today it has 2 locations in Shanghai. The Nanjing Road Branch has a total space of 3,000 square meters where on the 8th floor, there is a dining hall which can serve up to 300 customers simultaneously. On the 9th floor, there are 10 private rooms that can be reserved. The other location in Shanghai is found on Nanjing Road.

Yanyunlou’s specialty is roast duck which is less in fat than that those found at Quanjude. In their dishes, the ducks are bright in color and the skin is perfectly crispy, suitable to the palate and habit of Shanghailanders. Throughout the last 50 years, Yanyunlou Restaurant has established its fame by the culinary skills of its chefs and a varied menu of dishes. Besides delicious food, the brilliant decoration of the restaurant is also impressive, flourishing in full typical and traditional Beijing style. The interior designer has involved the aesthetics of some of Beijing’s top places of cultural interest such as Changguanlou (Grand View Tower), Taoranting (Joyous Pavilion), Liulichang (Antiques Street), Guanghelou restaurant, Fengzeyuan hotel, Juyongguan Pass (one of the 3 greatest passes of the Great Wall), and more.

Guangxi Road Branch

Nanjing Road Branch

List of Restaurants Specialized in Beijing Food

Names of Restaurants Address Tel
Quanjude Roast Duct Restaurant 4 f, no. 786, Huaihai zhong road, Luwan district 6433-7286 6433-5799
Quanjude Roast Duct Restaurant (branch) No. 547, Tianmu xi road, Zhabei district 6353-8558
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (branch) No. 131, Pudong ave, Pudong new area 5876-8800
Yanyunlou Restaurant No. 288, Guangxi bei road, Huangpu district 6322-0496
Yanyunlou Restaurant (branch) 8, 9 f, No.755, Nanjing dong road, Huangpu district 6322-3298
Chang an Dumpling Restaurant No. 2-8, Yunnan nan road, Huangpu district 6328-5156
Chang an Dumpling Restaurant (branch) No. 1588, Minsheng road, Pudong ave, Pudong new area 6328-5156
Donglaishun Restaurant no. 9, Sinan road, Luwan district 5306-4407
Huangchenggen Restaurant 1 f, no. 18, Gaolan road, Luwan district 5306-9151
Yinbo Hotel no. 68, Wusong road, Hongkou district 6325-6123
Kaifu Restaurant no. 1279, Sichuan bei road, Hongkou district 6324-2688
Beijing Restaurant No. 68, Huoshan road, Yangpu district 6541-8151
Fangshange Restaurant 3 f, No. 918, Dahua hotel, Yan an xi road, Changning district 6251-2702
Xinxi ao Restaurant No. 1396, Xikang road, Putuo district 6266-6475