Top Shanghai Tours

Essence of Shanghai Tour

Include all the must-see attractions of Shanghai. Show you the city's highlights in 3 days.

from $269

Shanghai Memories Tour

Old alleys, modern skyscrapers, locals' life, it presents the city's charm of well blend of old & new.

from $459

Hangzhou & Xixi Wetland

This tour provides both essence of Hangzhou and off-beaten-track places.

from $399

Tours from Shanghai

Shanghai has a remarkable traffic network and it is convenient to travel to other cities. Hiking on the majestic Great Wall in Beijing, marveling at the entombed Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an, cycling around Guilin's beautiful county Yangshuo or travelling to other destinations in China are workable by plane or train from Shanghai...see more >>

Shanghai China Tours

We offer China tour packages to all parts of China - from the Great Wall Beijing to the picturesque Guilin, from Xi'an Terra Cotta Warriors to the holy land Tibet, from home of Panda Chengdu to shopping paradise Hong Kong... Furthermore, we specialize in customizing a tour to meet your uniqe needs. see more >>

6 day shanghai, suzhou and hangzhou tour
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8-Day Beijing, Xi'an & Shanghai Group Tour