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Shanghai Pudong District

Shanghai Pudong

English: Pudong New Area
Chinese: 浦东新区
Area: 121,041 Square Kilometers
Population: 4,190,500
Area Code: 021
Zip Code: 200135
Attractions: Lujiazui, Oriental Pearl Tower, World Financial Center, Expo Park, Century Park
Airport: Pudong International Airport

Pudong History

Pudong New Area is situated in the east of Shanghai, it takes the benefit of the location at the junction of middle China costal area and the mouth of Yangtze River, and face to the wide range Pacific Ocean. The average temperature is around 16 degree centigrade, a comfort city for living. In 1990, China State Council officially announces to open a new area to strengthen the economic of Shanghai, Pudong is lucky to open an new page of history. During the 19 Years development, Pudong occurrence of great changes, this area is take the place of the rice paddies of farmland into skyscrapers, and from the remote countryside to the prosperity urban areas, which has become the world's attention and known as the "Pearl of the Orient", people regard it as the epitome of modernization and a symbol of China's reform and opening up.


Base on the 2010 population census statistic, the inhabitants in Pudong is 5,044,430, compare the 2000 population census, the growth is more than 1,325,053 people in these temn years, and growth rate is 189.55%, of which 2,024,277 are newcomers from other parts of China.


Over the past decade, Pudong New Area has expended more than 1000km of transportation network, the bridges which connected Puxi and Pudong have been built, these are makes convenience for the people who live in the both sides of Huangpu River, the Yangpu Bridge, Nanpu Bridge, Lupu Bridge, the East China Sea Bridge are the main spanning bridges. The city transport tunnel of Dapu tunnel, the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Yan'an East Road Tunnel are well release the traffic of the down town, The subway transit Line 2, line 4, line 6 and line 7 are all complete, except that, Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel bridges transportation facilities and the maglev train which connected outer Ring Road and Pudong International Airport has been completed. All these transportation networks are play an important role on the city development.


The government of Pudong New Area is established in the year of 2000, at the same time, Pudong Committee of the national people's Congress and Pudong people's political consultative conference are established. The Government of Pudong new area status is equal to a sub-provincial city, which prefectural above half level city.


Pudong International Airport is one of the largest international airports in China, and the largest one in Asia, reputed as China’s there largest international airport with Beijing Capital International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport.

The airport is neighboring with there towns of Jiangzhen, Shiwan and Zhuqiao in Pudong New Area, covering the area of 40 square kilometers, 30 km away from Pudong Down Town. At present, Pudong airport landing flights for a day is up to 560, flights number is account for 60% of the entire airport. There are 73 international flights to different countries, and 62 flights to China domestic cities, 48 air company from home and abroad choose to landing in Pudong Airport.

Maglev Train

Shanghai Maglev demonstration line project was officially started on March 2, 2001 in Pudong new area; it was opened to the public in the end of December 2002. It is the first of commercial operation of maglev train in the world. Shanghai Maglev demonstration line subway is from the west of Line 2 longyang Road Station, and east to Pudong International airport terminals, the total line is 30 kilometers long, the travel rout transfer by round way, the design of speed is up to 430 km/h, one-way running only use 8 minutes. There are two stations for one way trip, two traction substations, a control center, a maintenance center and a maintenance base with 3.5 km temporary tracks.

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