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Huangshan Transportation

Huangshan Prefecture is famous for Huangshan Scenic Area (the Yellow Mountains), which makes it a popular destination both for Chinese and foreigners. Getting to and around Huangshan is very convenient for tourism. You can get to Huangshan by air, by train, by bus, or by ship. Moreover, there is transport from regional transportation hubs outside the prefecture direct to Huangshan Scenic Area.

By Air

Huangshan Airport (黄山机场) is also called Tunxi Airport (屯溪机场), located in the Tunxi suburb of Huangshan City, 7 km from the city center. The airport has domestic flights to Hefei City, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Tianjin, and Guangzhou, and international flights to Seoul and Inchon in South Korea. It takes about three hours to Beijing, an hour to Shanghai, two hours to Xi'an and about an hour and a half to Guangzhou. The flight from Huangshan to Hong Kong takes two hours and to Seoul takes around four hours.

Huangshan Civil Aviation Ticket Office lies on Huangshan Road of Tunxi District, which is near the Old Street and the Christian Church. Branches of the ticket office are also set around the city, such as in Qianyuan South Road (前园南路, near the railway station), Huangshan New Street (黄山新街), and Yuzhong Garden (昱中花园).

Shuttle buses 18 and 19 between the city center and the airport operate every day at 2 CNY/person. Between Yuzhong Garden and the old terminal building of the airport the buses run 07:00–17:30 every 20 minutes.

A taxi service is provided on the first floor of the terminal building in the airport. A ride to the city center costs about 10–15 CNY.

From the airport to Huangshan Scenic Area (Tangkou Town) there is no direct bus. Travelers need to take a bus or taxi first to Tunxi Bus Station, then travel to Huangshan Scenic Area by bus (15–18 CNY depending on whether the bus uses the highway or not). Taking a taxi direct from the airport to the scenic area costs 140 CNY or so.

Huangshan Airport (Tunxi Airport)

By Train

There is one railway station in the city. The Wan–Gan Line between Anhui Province and Jiangxi Province runs across the whole of Huangshan Prefecture. Huangshan Railway Station (黄山火车站) has trains to most big and medium cities across China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Guangzhou. A ride to Beijing needs 20½ hours. The train from Huangshan to Shanghai takes 12 hours, to Guangzhou 19 hours, and to Hangzhou or Nanjing 9½ hours.

Buses 6, 9, and 12 stop in front of the railway station. There are direct buses running between the railway station and Huangshan Scenic Area (Tangkou Town), which go between Tunxi and Taiping (get off at Tangkou Town) and between Tunxi and Tangkou. They operate 05:30–17:30, departing every 30 minutes, and costing 16–18 CNY. A ride to the scenic area is about 70 minutes.

A taxi from Huangshan Railway Station to Huangshan Scenic Area costs about 100–120 CNY.

Huangshan Railway Station (黄山火车站)

By Bus

There are several national highways to or passing through Huangshan. Buses between Huangshan and its neighboring cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing, and key cities in China like Beijing and Guangzhou are available. A ride to Hangzhou from Huangshan is three hours, to Shanghai about five hours, to Nanjing four hours, and it will take 16 hours from Beijing to Huangshan.

There are two main bus stations in the city:

Huangshan Bus Station (黄山汽车站)

Huangshan Bus Station (黄山市汽车站) is also known as Tunxi Bus Station. Most buses linking major cities in China stop there. Buses from the station to Huangshan Scenic Area depart every five minutes at 16 CNY/person, taking about an hour and a half, or iff the bus uses the highway it takes only an hour at 18 CNY. They operate 06:30–17:30. Once at the scenic area, travelers can take the shuttle bus New National Line to the mountain top.

City buses 1, 2, 8, and 9 stop at Huangshan Bus Station and cost 1 yuan.

Huangshan Scenic Area Bus Station (Tangkou Town) 黄山风景区 (汤口) 汽车站

The station is located at the foot of Huangshan (the Yellow Mountains), and is also called New National Line Transfer Center. This station has direct long-distance buses leaving for Shanghai and major cities of Jiangsu Province and Jiangxi Province. It is 64 km from Huangshan (Tunxi) Bus Station, costing 13 CNY, and taking about an hour. A taxi costs about 100 CNY. At the station National Line shuttle buses and taxis go via Huangshan Gate to the mountain's cable car stations, costing 10 CNY/person.

When going from Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Hefei, Tongling, Anqing, Nanjing, and Wuhu by bus, remember to ask in advance if the bus stops at Tangkou Bus Station, which will save an hour or so.

By Ship

In the north of Huangshan Prefecture is the Yangtze River. Yangtze River cruises between Chongqing/Yichang and Shanghai pass through Huangshan. If interested, one could take the cruise and disembark in Guichi, and then take a bus to Huangshan City or the Yellow Mountains. However, this is not what we recommend, considering there are planes, trains, and buses that are much more convenient and time-saving.

Transport Between Huangshan and Other Main Cities

From Shanghai to Huangshan

There is a daily flight from Shanghai to Huangshan or vice versa. It takes one hour. By train, It takes you about 12 hours to get to Huangshan City.

One of the advantages of the night train (Train K8419 departing Shanghai at 17:49 and arriving at Huangshan City at 09:05) is that it saves you the cost of one night accommodation and allows you a full day exploration of the fantastic scenery up Yellow Mountains after your arrival.

From Hangzhou to Huangshan

At present, bus is the only means of transportation between Hangzhou and Huangshan City. It is 250km between Hangzhou and Tunxi (downtown of Huangshan City), about 2.5 hours s drive on the way.

From Beijing to Huangshan

At present, you can get to Huangshan City from Beijing either by train or by flight. It takes you only about 2 hours by flight while it takes you about 20 hours by train. On the other hand, train is much cheaper than airplane. In general, there is no discount for flight tickets of this air route.

From Guilin to Huangshan

There is no direct flight from Gulin to Huangshan. Here are 2 choices:

1.Take flight from Guilin to Shanghai, then fly from Shanghai to Huangshan City;

2.Take flight to Huangzhou first, and then take bus from Hangzhou to Huangshan City.

From Xi'an to Huangshan

There is no direct flight from Xi’an to Huangshan. You can reach Shanghai, Hangzhou or Hefei from Xi'an first. From those places, you can get to Huangshan either by flight or by bus. While Shanghai and Hefei have air connections with Huangshan.

Getting Around Huangshan City

Huangshan City is not very big. In the city public buses and taxis are the main transportation.

By Taxi

For foreigners in Huangshan, taking a taxi is much more convenient. However, note that very few taxi drivers speak or understand English, so it would be wise to take a name card of your hotel or other destinations in Chinese to make sure the driver knows where you are going.

The flag down rate is 5 CNY including the first three kilometers, and the fuel surcharge after three kilometers is 1.5 CNY per kilometer. It costs only 12 CNY or so for the about-seven-minute ride between the railway station and Tunxi Old Street.

By Public Bus

There are in total 13 bus lines in the city and most cost 1 yuan. All bus information is in Chinese and change is not available. Note that there are no direct buses between the city center and Huangshan Scenic Area.

By Rickshaw

In front of Huangshan Railway Station there are plenty of rickshaws. The initial rate is often 2 CNY/person, but most drivers will negotiate with you a certain price depending on your destination. Remember to bargain hard when the price is too high.