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Indian Restaurants in Shanghai

The distinguishing flavor in Indian food is curry, which is used in conjunction with fish, meat, vegetables, other spices and herbs, and essences such as garlic and onion. The natural flavors of these ingredients becoming intertwined with those of the curry, yielding richness that is very different from those found in traditional Chinese food.

Typical Indian dishes include garlic mutton and fried crispy vegetables, curry chicken, and much more. Be sure to follow up your hearty meal with some Indian milk tea and other dessert on our recommendation. Try some authentic Indian dishes at our top choices here.

Indian Kitchen

Indian Kitchen Shanghai All the decorations stuff in the restaurant are all from India, the India music are surrounding you when you seat there, the waiter and waitress are all wear the India's custom dress, you may feel like located in the other nations. Admittedly, the food is so authentic; almost every dish has a bit spicy. The restaurant is use to full, better to make a reservation before you come. Many of their clients are from Indian.

The Tandoor Indian Restaurant

This is the first India restaurant in Shanghai. The restaurant do not has too much room; it decorat cleverly separated the rooms to using mirrors, and Chinese characters on the top and the exotic style of pendant bauble, putting on more mystery of this restaurant. the Waiters are mostly India people, they are friendly and politely, the food is authentic, the types Curry are complete, we recommending to who like to try the new food to try in this restaurant.

Kaveen's Kitchen of Indian Food

The small India Restaurant located in the PUB2 building. The table that worship with Buddha display in entrance is exudes faint fragrance; gold hanging curtains so shining and gorgeous; the posters free put up in the wall, along with wall lamps, ceiling fans, which looks elegant and warm. The Waiter all is wearing the Indian long gown, so that the customer feels like they are located in another world. The cuisine in the restaurant is authentic North Indian cuisine; the spice is use appropriate into the dishes, very special and very good taste, with economic price compare other Indian Restaurant. All in all, it is worth to try in this restaurant.


This restaurant can experience real India food, with the economic price, it has been regards to one of the best India restaurants in Shanghai. The recommended dishes are Potato Pie and Curry Chicken) and fried vegetables. Why we recommend potato cake, because the original taste of cake only one tier, relatively speaking it is a bit dry. Potato cake has two-layers and adds the mashed potatoes in the middle; it makes it not that dry at all, If dip in the Curry sauce, that is absolutely delicious.


Vedas ShanghaiThe restaurant decorated as ornate furnishings, wooden tables and chairs, silver tableware and Dim light, every detail are showcase the rich exotic culture. the restaurant is use to full of guest, where we can see whether it is authentic. As for the taste of food with some comments, we think it depends on the personal taste, come to try it and give your own comments..


This is One of the favorite restaurants by many guest, because the strong flavor of food. The Price is a bit higher than other Indian restaurant. The restaurant creative delightful environment for the client, if you come at night, seating in the table with a little candle, that is so relaxing. The recommend dishes are chicken and mutton, bread and fry rice.


The restaurant has very small size, and not easy to find it, when you step into the restaurant, you will smell a strong flavor of curry, inside the restaurant is decorated by Indian style oil painting. It provided buffet meal and menu to order the food, with authentic taste. Seating in the restaurant, you will hear the playing Indian music, the customers here are almost from Asian, it sense like you are in another countries.

Delhi Darbar

Delhi Darbar fhanghaiThe taste of food in this restaurant is quite authentic, and the waiter will recommended the most popular dishes when you order, of course menu also has their typical dishes to recommend, Curry is their first choose, it offer a kinds of pie that taste very good, inside has tofu skin, also has lettuce, normally it is enough to eat for one person.

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