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Shopping in Shanghai

Shanghai is a famous shoppers’ paradise, known for the last couple of centuries as "the Paris of the Orient”. Visitors go to Shanghai to see the city's pulse and history, as well as sample the myriad shops and stores. There are so many shopping centers in Shanghai that it is not easy to figure out the exact number of shopping centers in Shanghai. Until 2014, the total shopping center area in Shanghai has reached 4,130,000 sq meters. Usually a shopping center covers 50,000-80,000 sq meters.

Famous Shopping Streets

Nanjing Road is famous throughout the world, lined with shops and international brand stores; definitely not to be missed. Over in the former French Concession you’ll find Huaihai Road, brimming with boutiques and up market shops, a magnet for the young and fashion conscious.

In the Hongkou district Sichuan road has long been popular with the locals looking for good value. If this isn’t enough, then check out Xujiahui commercial district, with its well-known shopping malls and major department stores, all conveniently close to each other with the huge Metro Shopping Plaza below ground. This is also said to be the best place for electronics. Near the Yuyuan Garden there are many attractive stores, and the Yu Gardens Bazaar is a great place for tea, porcelain and traditional souvenirs. If you are near the Shanghai Railway Station, then Kerry Ever Bright City has absolutely everything you could want to buy.

Shanghai also boasts special shopping streets and markets, such as Fuzhou Road, where multiple book stores jostle together, including the famous Shanghai Book Town and others specializing in science and technology, antiquarian books, foreign language books, and those that sell special local products and are well-known home and abroad. Some stores have traded here for over a hundred years, and there are also those that sell stationery, traditional writing supplies (brushes, ink stones etc), lovely papers and attractive cards.

Shanghai Fruit and Vegetable Markets

Shanghai is known for its delicious street vendors and snacks on the go as well as some of the top restaurants in the country. However, not every meal has to be a big event. In fact, Shanghai boasts fruit and vegetable stands at seemingly every corner. With so many options, and prices varying from high to low, it is hard to know which Farmers Market is best to visit. Fresher than fresh, it’s a real treat to check out the quality and variety of local produce.

shanghai fruit and vegetable markets

Top 15 Shanghai Markets

Dongtai Road Antique Market

Dongtai Road Antique Market in Shanghai is famous for its great mix of genuine antiques, mementoes and interesting memorabilia, governed by an Administration Committee. It is well regarded at home and abroad.

Popular with tourists to Shanghai, the market originated in earlier times, when people traded their antiques over a cup of tea. This gradually developed into the big markets that we see today, with hundreds of shops open for trade and business.

top 15 shanghai market

Pedestrian Streets

Nanjing Road

Nánjing Road is 'it’ for shopping in Shanghai. The first commercial street since sea traffic began in Shanghai, now with major pedestrian malls, and modern and traditional modes of retailing side by side. This is renowned as the "No.1 commercial street of China". The many old shops of China with different specialties of food and clothing mix with modern world brand stores, and as such it is a must for tourists.


  1. You can bargain for many products;
  2. You could take the sight-seeing car in pedestrian street from 8:00am- 22:30pm, ¥2 rmb/time;
  3. The toilets in shops and restaurants are free.
  4. If you are on a tight timetable, stick to the best part of Nanjing Road between Hunaghe Road and Henan Zhong Road, where you’ll find the more famous shops, such as the Shanghai No.1 Department Store, Hualian Shopping Mall and others.
  5. There is a Metro station at Henan Zhong road, which is a fast and easy way to get reach the pedestrian area of Nanjing Road, and connect to other destinations such as the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong and other favorite spots.
pedestrian streets

Local Products

Shanghai Textile and Embroidery

Shanghai has long specialized in silk, textiles and embroidery. The different categories include traditional drawn thread work, machine embroidery, traditional Chinese clothing, painting products, carpet and rug making and beautiful tapestries. These all have unique features; for example, Gu embroidery has a long (over 500 years) history, and Shanghai carpets, woolen or silk, are famous for their exquisite technique and elegant patterns. The tapestries reproduce traditional Chinese scenery or beautiful paintings, in exquisite detail, often reproduced on screens or other artifacts.

Shanghai Silk

Shanghai is a major center for manufacturing and exporting Chinese silk, which is one of the best silks in the world. The silk products are popular with customers at home and abroad, mainly due to the various categories and quality, like silk, satin, damask, brocade, velvet and muslin, and particularly the household word "Jing san Cup" (flowery print silk), which focusses on traditional Chinese paintings, and enjoys a worldwide reputation because of its wonderful colors, typical features and use of the latest technique.

local products