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Shanghai Disney Resort

The Shanghai Disney resort, which has been open to tourists since June 16th, 2016, consists of six themed lands: Adventure Isle, Gardens of Imagination, Mickey Avenue, Tomorrowland, Treasure Cove and Fantasyland. The resort will be the second-largest Disney’s theme park in the world, second onlyto Orlando, Florida. The ticket price for weekdays is 370 RMB (57 USD) and 499 RMB (77 USD) for peak days, which include national holiday, weekends and student’s summer holiday (July and August).

Mickey Avenue

At the entrance of Shanghai Disney resort, the Mickey Avenue is the first attraction for you. This avenue plays the role of greeting all the guests as they enter the resort. Mickey and other cartoon characters will be on the avenue to welcome you, so you can play with these lovely friends as soon as you enter.

The Mickey Fountain with his famous steamboat in front of the avenue offers an excellent photo opportunity for you. Children will clap with joy when they see Mickey piloting a steamboat towards them. The steamboat looks like the one in Walt Disney’s first cartoon film Steamboat Willie, shot in 1928. The fountain and steamboat were made to salute the great cartoon maker.

Shanghai Disney Resort Cartoon

Shanghai Disney Resort Cartoon


In Fantasyland, you can sing in Peter Pan’s flying ship, run in Winnie the Pooh’s rolling honey pot and seek treasure with the 7 dwarves. In a word, the land enables you to live and play like the characters you see in Disney’s cartoons.

Voyage to Crystal Grotto

Here Disney takes you to the underground world of its enchanted castle. You will pass through a garden during the voyage. The statues in the garden are performing the well-known Disney fairy stories with intoxicating music. The closer you get to the statues, the more breathless you will feel.

Enchanted Storybook Castle

It is the first Disney castle inhabited by all the princesses in Disney stories. They are ready to take photos with you at the welcoming hall of the castle. A huge crown has been put on the golden roof of the castle. It is the symbol of the princesses.

Onceupon Time Adventure

On the top of the Enchanted Storybook Castle, you are allowed to play a role in the story between the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Are you strong enough to defeat the wicked queen with them?

Shanghai Disney Resort Castle

Shanghai Disney Resort Castle

Gardens of Imagination

It is the first garden-like Disney themed land in the world. The sightseeing steps in the garden offer you an excellent view of stage plays and lighting shows. Some rare trees and flowers in the garden cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Twelve-Friend Garden

The twelve Chinese zodiac animals are performing for you in the frescos in the garden. What will the vintage Chinese zodiac animals look like in Disney’s mind? Just check it out in June.

Adventure Isle

It is the first Adventure Isle in the world. New stories and characters make this themed land the most anticipated element prior to open of the Shanghai Disney resort. The Arbori are the dwellers on the isle. They worship nature, so you may hear their priests’ roaring during worship ceremonies from time to time. Are they friendly or cruel to strangers? You have to explore it for yourself.

Roaring Rapids

Hop on your wooden raft, and now there is no way to turn back. You will explore the Arbori’s canyon with the warriors sharing the raft with you. What is awaiting you? Maybe Q’aráq, a holy beast according to the Arbori’s legend, but even the Arbori themselves don’t know whether the beast really exists or it is just a legend.


Tomorrowland is all about cosmic space and technology. Running in darkness, flying a space shuttle, or talking to E.T, every activity will make your children overjoyed.

TronLightcycle Power Run

It is a race against the programs. You are on a motor bike. With the change of heart-pounding music, colors and lights, you will accelerate, sink and brake. If you want to go back to the real world, you have to pass the finish line before the programs, who are even faster than Formula One cars.

BuzzLightyear Planet Rescue

Perhaps, you were nobody before, but now you are a space ranger. You have to fight against the evil emperor Zurg, the most infamous criminal in the universe. Of course, you are well equipped, the most advanced space patrol craft will whisk you to the place where Zurg hides, as soon as you locate it.

Shanghai Disney Resort Firework

Shanghai Disney Resort Firework

Treasure Cove

It is the first pirate-themed land for a Disney resort. How much treasure is hidden by the pirates in the cove? Find the truth by exploring every cave, broken ship and lodge on the cove. The science and drama will make your adventure more colorful.

Piratesof Caribbean

Board on Captain Jack’s ship and sail with the charming pirate. Naval battles, sea monsters and huge waves are all a part of your voyage. If you pass the tests, treasure, golden beaches, mermaids and magnificent palaces will be your trophies.

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