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How to Travel to Wuzhen from Shanghai in One Day

Buses from Shanghai to Wuzhen

There are over 10 buses from Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station on the Shilong Road to Wuzhen every day. Please go to the station to check out the latest timetables.

Open Hours and Entrance Fee

Opening Hours

7:40—17:30 for both Dongzha and Xizha Scenic Zones, and a night tour is available for the Xizha Scenic Zone, with opening hours between 17:30 and 22:00.

Tickets Prices

Ticket price for Dongzha Scenic Zone: 100 RMB. Ticket price for Xizha Scenic Zone: 120 RMB. Conjunction ticket price: 150 RMB. The conjunction tickets are only on sale between 8:00 and 14:00 at the ticket office at Dongzha, and between 8:00 and 12:00 at the ticket office at Xizha.

The night (17:30-22:00) ticket price for Xizha Scenic Zone is 80 RMB.

Wuzhen Day Trip Route

It takes about 7 hours to see all the attractions in this day trip route, so it is suggested to arrive at the Wuzhen Water Town as early as possible.

Ancient Bed Museum

Recommended time for stay: 30 minutes

The day trip starts with the Ancient Bed Museum. Over 20 ancient beds with a history of over 100 years are collected in the museum. The most renowned bed in the museum took the carpenters over 3 years to finish the making project. The patterns on the bed are so charming that you may not be willing to sleep on it.

Ancient Chinese Wood Beds

Ancient Chinese Wood Beds

Folk Customs Museum

Recommended time for stay: 20 minutes

The Folk Customs Museum is a place to understand the traditional ceremonies in Wuzhen, such as weddings, birthday parties for senior family members and funerals. The part of weddings covers most space in the museum. The vivid wax statues of brides and bridegrooms will make feel like you are attending a real wedding.

Folk Customs Museum

Folk Customs Museum

Hongyuantai Dye House

Recommended time for stay: 30 minutes

Initially opened in the Song Dynasty (920 AD – 1679 AD), the Hongyuantai Dye House specialized in blue print cloth in ancient time. You can see the traditional producing processes of blue print cloth in the dye house now.

Wood Carving Museum

Recommended time for stay: 30 minutes

The wood carvings on the door headers and windows of the museum are the examples of the wood arts in Wuzhen.

Zhaoming Ancient Academy

Time for the tour: 30 minutes

It was a private academy founded by the rich merchants in Wuzhen. One of an emperor’s sons had studied in the academy for around 3 years, so the decoration of the academy is the same as royal academy. The pool and mighty trees in the courtyard of the academy make you feel you can study peacefully.

Old Wuzhen Post Office

Recommended time for stay: 30 minutes

Different from other ancient sites in Wuzhen, the old post office, initially built over 100 years ago, is still in use nowadays. Sending a postcard of Wuzhen from the vintage post office is an interesting activity for most tourists.

Old Post Office in Wuzhen

Old Post Office in Wuzhen

Bailian Tower

Recommended time for stay: 30 minutes

The seven-floor Bailian Tower is the highest building in Wuzhen. Although tourists are only allowed to go up to the third floor, it is still worth to enjoy a bird view of Wuzhen and a canal beside it on the tower. The lighting decoration makes the tower even more beautiful at night.

Nvhong Street

Recommended time for stay: 30 minutes

The ancient street is renowned for its needlework shops, so it is very popular among women. The needlework shops look the same as they were in the 18th century. Men can relax themselves in the coffee shops on the street when their spouses are wallowing in the world of embroidery.

Travel Tips

  • Wi-Fi is accessible in most area in Wuzhen, but some hotels are still in blind area. If you need access to the internet, confirm it before you decide to book a hotel.
  • Besides the blue print cloth, white spirit and white chrysanthemum tea are also the specialties in Wuzhen.
  • Generally speaking, the hotels in Xizha Scenic Zone are better than the Dongzha Scenic Zone

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