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Money Banks

Credit Cards

Credit cards are only accepted at most hotels and some tourist shops and department stores. expect to pay in cash.

Changing Money

Changing money can be done in a number of ways. there are foreign exchange counters at most border crossings and international airports.  most hotels will have a foreign exchange service and will exchange cash and travelers checks, although, as with hotels everywhere, they charge a commission.  the bank of China will exchange money and travelers checks, but not all of the other chinese banks do so. It is a requirement that you produce your passport to complete the transaction. Banks will only accept foreign bank notes that are undamaged. Notes that are even slightly torn will be rejected. travelers checks can be a secure solution if traveling for a longer time. it is generally easier to change your money at the hotel.

The local currency is not convertible outside China, so if you have any left over you will need to change it back before you leave, or at your departure point.  make sure that you keep one or two of your exchange receipts, which you'll need to change it back again.  You can exchange renminbi for Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong.

Cash withdrawals from visa and mastercard credit/debit card are possible at the main branches of the Bank of China in each city. A small fee is charged by the bank and charges are also applied by the bank/credit card provider.

Bank of China ATM machines are compatible with cirrus and pulse , cash withdrawals are easy to complete using these machines. Only use ATM's that display the >visa and mastercard symbols. An English menu will appear when you insert your card. The exchange rate that is applicable through atms is good and this can be a very convenient way to organize your money. Locations for ATMs are available from your card issuer. Limits for withdrawals on each transaction differ but US$250 per transaction is common.

Western Union is available in China although fees apply to transactions. check the western union website for locations.

Local Currency

The Chinese money is called renminbi (people's money). Locals often refer to the Yuan as Kuai. the Mao (or Jiao) notes or coins are denominated 1, 2, or 5. (10 mao = 1 yuan).

Yuan (Kuai, notes of usual size, feature Mao Tse Dong)

1 Yuan (reddish brown or light green) -- equal to 10 Mao

1 Yuan front side1 Yuang back side

5 Yuan (purple)

5 Yuan front side5 Yuan back side

10 Yuan (blue)

10 Yuan front side10 Yuan back side

20 Yuan (bright brown)

20 Yuan front side20 Yuan back side

50 Yuan (bright green)

50 Yuan front side50 Yuan back side

100 Yuan (pink)

 100 Yuan front side100 Yuan back side

Mao (notes are very small, features the pictures of workers and farmers)

1 Mao (brown)  -- equal to 10 fen

1 Jiao front side1 Jiao back side

5 Mao (blue)

5 Jiao front side5 Jiao back side

Coins are also in circulation, but normally people do not keep it.

Bank Directory in Shanghai

Banks in Shanghai Address Telephone
Shanghai branch of Huaqi bank floor 20, china shipping building, no. 1, Pudong main street 020-58791200
Shanghai branch of Hualian bank limited company No. 88, century main street 020-50478200
Shanghai branch of overseas Chinese bank Floor 23, no. 710, oriental road 020-58200200
Puxi subranch of Shanghai branch of overseas Chinese bank No. 120, jiujiang (nine rivers) road 020-63233888
Shanghai branch of Huaxia bank No. 1828, beijing west road 020-62258866
Hongkou subbranch of Shanghai branch of Huaxia bank No. 833, siping road 020-65212156
Hongqiao subbranch of Shanghai branch of Huaxia bank Floor 2, no. 458, Gubei road 020-62342529
Puxi subranch of Shanghai branch of huaxia bank floor 1-2, Yuan building, no. 738, oriental road 020-68671061
Putuo subbranch of Shanghai branch of Huaxia ank No. 1329, Xikang road 020-62983622
Waitan subbranch of shanghai branch of Huaxia bank No. 5, Zhongshan south road 1 020-63230143
Yangpu subbranch of Shanghai branch of huaxia bank no. 1207, Kongjiang road 020-65709961
Shanghai branch of bank of communications No. 99 Zhongshan south road 020-63111000
The head quarter of bank of communications No. 18 xianxia road 020-62751234
Shanghai pudong developing bank (the headquarter) No. 50 ningbo road 020-63291188
Shanghai Pudong developing bank (the central bank) No. 10-12 Zhongshan east road 1 020-63296188
Sales department of Shanghai construction bank No. 200 huaihai road (middle) 020-63181818
Shanghai bank 476 Xianxia road 020-62955327

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