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Suzhou Hangzhou Food Restaurant

Shanghai Old Restaurant

Shanghai Old Restaurant is one of the city’s most infamous. It specializes in local and traditional Shanghai food and maintains the purest essences of Shanghai cooking styles. The restaurant dates back to the Qing Dynasty; in the past its name was Rongshun Restaurant or Old Rongshun Restaurant. It wasn’t until 1964 that the restaurant adopted its current name, Shanghai Old Restaurant.

Diners today will note the careful details of its chefs who pay dear attention to variables such as the heat and strength of the flame, rich flavors and their coordination, original and authentic tastes, color, and texture. With so many decades of history, Shanghai Old Restaurant has perfected the study and practice of creating only the best Shanghai food including delights such as 8-jeweled duck, braised meat preserved in fermented rice in casserole, red-cooked Hilsa herring, and Kousansi (the mixture of 3 kinds of shredded vegetables).

Dexingguan Restaurant

Found at Shiliupu Emporia in the southern part of The Bund, Dexingguan Restaurant was founded in 1883 making it one of the oldest existing restaurants in Shanghai; its inner décor was most recently updated in 1993. Its traditional Shanghai dishes such as fish fins, fresh pork and salted pork cooked with bamboo shoots, and fish lips with shrimps, and desserts found on the first floor yield grand banquets. Dexingguan Restaurant’s most famous dish is the black ginseng braised shrimp, regarded as the best ginseng recipe in the world.

Xiaoshaoxing Restaurant

The founder of Xiaoshaoxing Restaurant was Zhang Runniu and when he was 16 years old, he moved from his hometown of Shaoxin to the city of Shanghai. He started his ventures in the food industry by peddling small snacks. Then he started Xiaoshaoxin Restaurant, which began as a small and quaint Xiaoshaoxing chicken porridge bar. As its tender boiled chicken dishes became ever more popular, the restaurant expanded. Soon the reputation of his restaurant grew such that it was known as one of the beset in all of China. Today, Xiaoshaoxing Restaurant has more than 50 years of history and continues to serve quality meals with the best raw ingredients including specially-fed yellow-feathered chickens from Nanhui County. The chickens used are always fresh and carefully selected such that they always yield crispy skin, tender meat, pure flavor, and graceful shape. Be sure to try the delicious chicken porridge which is simmered with superior rice and made with original house made chicken broth.

Suzhou and Hangzhou Cuisine Restaurants

Zhangshengji Restaurant

From day 1, Zhangshengji Restaurant’s business has flourished due to its high quality and standards. It is not unusual to have to make reservations one week in advance or more. This property’s specialty is Suzhou and Hangzhou cuisine, especially what is known as "dried bamboo shoots and old duck." It is prepared stewing for 4 hours specially-fed ducks from Hangzhou with superior quality dried bamboo shoots and Jinhua ham. The product is a perfectly colored, mellow flavored stew that is flavorful but not greasy or excessively rich. Once you try it, you will see why this is Zhangshengji Restaurant’s iconic offering! As well, the restaurant has a beautiful and comfortable dining atmosphere, completing your traditional dining experience.

Xianheng Hotel Restaurant

The time honored Xianheng Hotel was established in the year 1884 in the Qing Dynasty in the time of Emperor Guangxu’s rule. Even its name respects China’s history; it comes from a short story written by the famous national writer Lu Xun. The specialties of the restaurant within Xianheng Hotel are stewed pork with dried vegetables, and salty peanuts. Furthermore, the restaurant continues to maintain its very classic Shaoxing wine tradition which has existed since the dynastic times.

More Suzhou Hangzhou Food Restaurants

Names of Restaurants Address Tel
Xianheng Hotel No. 717, Guangdong road, Huangpu district 021-63617365
Zhiweiguan Restaurant No. 345, Fuzhong zhong road 021-63225266
Xiaoshaoxing Restaurant No. 118, Yunnan nan road 021-63732890
Wanjiadenghuo Restaurant 3, 4 f, No. 666, Fuzhou road 021-63507878
Hangzhou Xinkaiyuan Hotel No. 560, Xujiahui road, Luwan district 021-64665588, 021-64668866
Jinxin Potluck Restaurant No. 130, Jianguo xi road 021-64336623
Hangzhou Wushan Hotel No. 308, Chongqing nan road  
Xihu Renjia Restaurant No. 196, Shimen yi road 021-62176801
Zhangshengji Restaurant 3,4 f, No. 446, Zhaojiabang road 021-64455777
Louwailou Restaurant No. 2260, Hongqiao road, Changning district 021-62626789, 021-62620875
Taihu Lake Boat Dishes 1f, No. 2200, Yan’an xi road 021-62759333
Yishengyuan Restaurant No. 678, Yichuang road, Putuo district 021-56612425
Huamanlou Seafood Restaurant No. 16, No. 200 lane, Wuning road, Putuo district 021-52909046
Xinxile Restaurant No. 855, Pudong nan road, Pudong new area 021-58369999

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