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Shanghai Sanjia Port

Shanghai Sanjia Port is quite different place compared to the rest of the Shanghai. This is a place where you can both rest from the city rush and noise and where you can enjoy the sea shore activities.

Shanghai Sanjia PortIt is situated in Pudong New Area and has more of a rural atmosphere and is a lot calmer and relaxing than any other part of the Shanghai. The Shanghai Sanjia Port is at the Chuanyang River’s estuary and it is consisted of the 6 kilometres of the sandy beaches where all sorts of the water related activities are available. Namely, it is a very well organized beach that offers a lot more than sun, sand and blue waters of the ocean.

The whole shoreline is teeming with different facilities which provide all sorts of the amusement. There is the equipment and the requisites available for all kinds of the water sports, and there are also the facilities which offer the rental of all sorts of the things needed for a full comfort at the beach. Finally, there are numerous restaurants with fresh seafood and they are something that a tourist simply has to visit.

The very nice weather allows this beach to be open during the whole year, so it doesn’t really matter during which month you are visiting the Shanghai when it comes to this place.

Recreation Houses

There are over 100 recreation houses and over 300 tents on this beach and they offer all sorts of the water related amusement activities. There is simply not a thing that you may wish for on the beach that can’t be found here.

The Restaurants

Sunrise at Shanghai Sanjia PortThese restaurants situated along the beach offer the freshest seafood imaginable and allow you to spend the whole day on the beach, without need to go back to the city core for luncheon or carrying your own food on the beach.


Situated at the mouth of Changjiang River (Yangtze River) and possese a 6-kilometres of sandy beaches, Shanghai Sanjia Port is a great place to see sunrise at sea.

Boat Trips

There is an opportunity of renting a small boat and setting off pretty far from the shore. This allows short, yet very exciting experience of sailing in the open sea.

The Water Curtain Movies

At night, a quite unique movie theatre is available at the Shanghai Sanjia Port beach. Namely, the standard movie theatre white screen is substituted with a water curtain and it is really something that most of the people never had the chance to experience.

Travel Information

Location: At the beginning of Huaxia East Road

How to get there: A bus line 3 to the Chuansha, and then a Chuan 3 line gets you directly to the spot.

Admission fee: RMB 20 per person

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

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