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Shanghai Grand World

Amongst many attractions that can be found in the ancient Chinese city of Shanghai, the Shanghai Grand World is by far the most entertaining one. It is originally designed as the place for amusement back in 1917 and its 90 years long history tells a lot about the quality of services. Nowadays it is the place where the tourist can see various theatre setups as well as the all sorts of the stunts performed during the competitions held at this place.

Shanghai Grand WorldThe entertainment provided in this place is somewhat unique as there are the programs for the people of the refined taste as well as quite vulgar and simple ways of the entertainment for the masses and this mixture is all but ordinary. Of course, this has more and more visitors as its consequence since the whole concept allows any man or woman to find something that will suit them perfectly.

During its over 80 years long history, the Shanghai Grand World was upgraded and rebuilt several times. The full rebuild was made in 1924 while the latest addition in form of the Grand Theatre was made back in 1998.

The Architecture

The architecture is specific as this place was rebuilt in the 1924 and has undergone some internal alterations. Looking from the outside, it looks like a classic piece of a Chinese architecture, but the interior is quite different from that model. Still, the architectural aspect is not the reason why the people are coming there. The main purpose of the Shanghai Grand World is to amuse the visitors and this it does perfectly since the similar setup is not available anywhere in the world.

Nowadays the Shanghai Grand World is consisted of 4 major sections and they offer 8 series of amusement programs. The major sections of the Shanghai Grand World are: Gastronomic World, Amusement World, Competition World and the Expo World.

The Gastronomic World

This part of the Shanghai Grand World has various restaurants that are serving the dishes of both traditional Chinese and International cuisine.

The Amusement World

Here you can see various theatrical and music shows. Besides classic theatre, opera and ballet setups, there are also the concerts of the grand orchestra. Also, there are four movie theatres with 1800 seats.

The Competition World

This part of the Shanghai Grand World hosts some of the strangest and most spectacular performers and acrobats who are competing in various disciplines. It is necessary to mention that many of the Guinness Records have been set here and since it hosts such unorthodox shows, the Competition World attracts some of the finest people with odd talents around the globe.

Travel Information

The accessibility is very good and there are some direct bus, rail and subway lines which lead to this place from the city centre. This all makes it a place you must see when visiting Shanghai.

Location: No.1 South Xizang Road

Bus Routes: : 127, 71, 48, 49, 1, 17, 18, 23, 202, 980 (directly from the city centre)

Subway Routes: 1, 2, 8

Admission fee: RMB 25 per person

Open Hours: 09:00 to 21:00

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