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Shanghai Royal Yangdian Taoist Temple

Tang dynastytuoloni BuddhistNot only the oldest but the largest in Shanghai, the Royal Yangdian Taoist Temple was originally built during the Three Kingdoms period (3rd century), and has since been refurbished, restored and rebuilt on several occasions, the last time in 2007. During the Qing period Emperor Qianlong renamed it Qinci Yangdian, and it is often known by that name now. The Temple provides a peaceful haven amidst the hustle and bustled of the Pudong District, and a nice reminder of traditional Chinese buildings amongst the ultramodern architecture that surrounds it.

There are a number of Halls, honouring Taoist deities. The Hall of the Three Clear Ones houses three massive statues, in another you’ll find a golden array of Taoist generals, as well as a Hall for storing the scriptures, and of course many spots to burn joss sticks and make special requests to the dongyue (daoist) gods.

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